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 Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke

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Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Empty
PostSubject: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Clock14Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:32 am

"Konoha must pay for their ancestors mistakes" -_-

Dark, emo and badass Sasuke-kun!
Gamer slang:

Sasuke Uchiha: "I am so cool..."
Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Sasuke_Uchiha_by_RyomaKun












I. intro:

Uchiha Sasuke, he is Itachi's little brother. He has alot going on in this series. He used to be on team 7 aside with Naruto and Sakura. His parents were murdered by his big brother when he was a little boy. His priority is to get stronger than Naruto and Itachi. But he didn't see himself groing that fast in konoha so he went after Orochimaru to train him. He got better and has been in major fights ever since. He fought Naruto, Orochimaru, Itachi, Killer Bee, Deidara and many more!
Here I will type the basics on how to use Sasuke's versatile abilities to the max!

II. Pros/cons:


1. Has 2 U1's.
2. Both U1's cause SB.
3. Can cancel tilt into U1.
4. Kirin penetrates forcefield jutsus.
5. Has good movement.
6. Over average awakening.
7. C. kunai's throw 18 shurikens!
8. Can fight at any range.
9. Good supporter.
10. Can connect with ease U1/U2 off SB.


1. Long slow combos easy to KNJ.
2. No bombs.
3. Slow grab, no SB.
4. Tilt doesn't cause SB.
5. Depends on his chakra moves.


III. Moveset:

vid (ignore review)


Neutral- 20 hits, SB. Use against big awakenings, use a support during cool down and repeat. Use when opponent runs out of chakra. Easy to KNJ.
Side- 11 hits, opp ends on ground, easy to KNJ.
Down- 9 hits, SB, easy to KNJ.
Up- 14 hits, leaves opp in the air, can connect with Kirin. Easy to KNJ.
Air- 6 hits, medium KNJ difficuly, can cancel ending lag with any chakra move. Tech chase after w/Kirin!
*Don't risk it if your opponent is good, you're better off with the specials.


U1- Fire style: Fire ball jutsu!
---- Comes out fast.
---- Long ranged projectile.
---- Can be dodged by walking to the side.
---- Good against rushers, C. dashes.
---- Causes SB.
---- Can SB loop if you don't have enough chakra to U2.
---- Can cancel tilt to U1.

Charged U1- Dragon flame.
----2 fast projectiles after released.
---- Laggy startup good tracking.
---- Hits opponents from a long distance.
---- If they're in front of Sasuke, it won't hit.
---- Causes SB.

U2- Gray vest (Kirin) "Mayonnaise" 3 lightning, hit on top of opponent.
----Good to tech chase after grab.
----Good against puppet masters.
---- Good against kcombo spammers. (Shino, Dei, Temari, Ten ten projectile combos)
----Penetrates forcefield jutsus. (Pain, Neji, Hinata's U1)
----Good against long static jutsus. (Karin, Asuma, Shika, Shino, Dei's U1, etc.)
----Eats up the guard.
----Can hit off SB.
----Can connect with Sakura/Tsunade support if they don't air tech.

U2- White sleeve shirt ( true spear) Laggy startup, rushes towards opponent. Good against C. dashes. Can hit off SB. Try the storm combo with Itachi or Naruto as support.

Tilt- 2 moves, 10 hits. Can cancel into U1. Can connect tilt after c. dash. Can cancel with c. kunai followed by kirin. Kirin after full tilt.

Grab- Kaioken! Laggy all the way. Short range, easy to KNJ, no SB :( Can tech chase with Kirin after succesful grab.

Kunai- 3 hits. C. kunai 18 hits! Extra air time. Blocks opponent kunais and lands his.


IV. items:

^ - Attack up!
< - 2 Speed down tags.
> - 2 explosive kunai.
v - 2 speed up pills. Use when opponent awakens.


V. Awakening:

"I'm so hot..."
Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Sasuke

-Level 3 above average A-mode.
- Activates at 35% health and lower.
-Combos are hard to KNJ.
-Jutsu (black chidori) has slow startup and is predictable, use against big awakenings and broken shields ONLY.
- C. kunai shoots fireballs like Kakuzu's U1. GODLY! Spam them to hell.
- Moves around much faster.
- Air combo really hard to KNJ.
- Abuse tilt! 3 hits, super fast, hard to KNJ.
- Grab- guard breaks. Can connect with air dash>air combo.
- Lasts around 13 counts (26 seconds)
-Ends up shirtless on cool down mode for the ladies...<3


VI. Support:

He is a good supporter I recommend him as balance, he throws 18 shurikens really annoying.
Try Kakashi, with Naruto as attack and Saskue as balance. They put great pressure and both cause SB. Kakashi can easily U1/U2 off SB.
Team sharingan with Kakashi as main. Sasuke as balance and Itachi as attack. Kakashi puts great pressure game, and the fireballs + Sasuke's c. kunai nake him great to fight long ranged.

He teams up with Itachi, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Orochimaru, Kabuto and others from Konoha.

As main character, I recommend Sakura and Naruto they're a pretty good team. Sakura's U1 can set them up for Kirin. And Naruto's U1 causes SB, sets you up for a U1/U2.
Sasuke does great in long ranged fights, so opponents might want to penetrate, That's why I recommend a good rusher (Naruto, Kakashi, Kiba, etc.) a wall jutsu (Asuma, Shikamaru, Karin) or a force field jutsu like Pain so you can keep them away.


VII. Counter picks:

With his projectile arsenal he counters long ranged characters, that might force them to penetrate. One trick I like to do is to full jump to the side while throwing c. kunai ( they will c. dash because you'll be vulnerable when you land) so press the chakra button after the shurikens and b4 landing, and then U1 ASAP you land, you'll most likely hit them. When your opponent is on the ground, observe where is he going to roll to, so maybe if he roll towards you, you can tech chase with kirin or you can tilt cancel U1, SB loop.

He has a hard time against fast rushers (Minato, SM naruto, Kakashi, etc.) So vs. them try using true spear. And Pain as a support. Keep knocking them off until you fill your support drive and abuse the SB, you'll be fine.

Against puppets use Kirin. Hidan and Pain as supports. Shatter their shield and keep pressuring.

Use a big stage like the site of planetary devastation, so you have space to run lol.


VIII. Conclusion:

He is a very abused character like Deidara, but he's barely used correctly online. I hope this helped a little to your game with Sasuke. Will update anytime necesarry.

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Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Clock14Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:45 pm

Sasuke's up item gives you an Attack Boost.
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Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Clock14Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:50 am

Hmm he's a pretty good character to use.
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Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke Clock14

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Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Sasuke
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