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 Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy

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PostSubject: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:50 am

"This is the guide of youth!"

The chars I mainly use already have really good guides, so I'm going to contribute my 1st guide! XD to the Almighty gay guy Gai.
Gamer slang: http://www.arashiboards.com/t30-general-terminology

Might Guy... "I traded my left eye for a new tooth brush!"
Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Might_Guy











I. Intro

Might Guy, Konoha's noble blue beast! He is the sensei of Lee, Neji and Ten ten. Kakashi's "eternal rival". Probably a gay cartoon parody of Bruce Lee. Sorry, I had to say it.
He is the most hyped character and one of the most charismatic who has exchanged brains for brauns. He can do jutsus but his specialty is taijutsu. But with his strength and your skill we can take Guy up to his full potential!


II. Pros/cons

1. Moves around fast.
2. U1 can hit people in mid air.
3. U1 causes SB.
4.Can cancel tilt into grab.
5. Above average awakening.
6. Can U1 mid-combo.
7. Neutral combo hard to KNJ and causes SB.
8. U2 teleports.
9. Easy to connect U1 after SB.
10. Air/ground techs with little effort.
11. U1 comes out fast, hits ninja movers, c. dash and has cut scene canceling released items and supports.
12. can U1/tilt after dash.

1. Grab does not causes SB.
2. Besisdes his neutral, the rest of the combos are easy to KNJ.
3. Bad items
4. Generic projectiles.
5. Below average supporter.
6. Laggy U1/U2 cool down.


III. Moveset:

Moveset vid (ignore review)

^Prostriker likes how every1 uses his video idea!


Neutral- Best combo he has. 7 punches causing SB. Hardest combo to KNJ. Abuse when awakened.
Side- Longest combo, 12 hits. He hits you with nun-chucks ends with SB. Easy to KNJ but useful against big awakenings (Dei, Bee, kank, Itachi, Choji)
Down- 8 hits, kicks you to the ground making you lose chakra. Medium KNJ difficulty. You have better options.
Up- 11 hits, kicks you up in the air, giving you a chance to air dash and air combo. Easy to KNJ, can link to U1 if not air teched.
*If they KNJ these combos, you can U1/kunai/grab mid way through.
Air- 6 hits, drills you to the ground making you lose some chakra. Medium KNJ difficulty. Laggy but useful short hop attack.


U1- Dynamic Entryyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Fast flying kick. Laggy cool down, if they block, you're screwed. Good against Kcombo spammers. U1 comes out fast, hits ninja movers and has cut scene canceling released items and supports. Causes SB. Good against c.dashers. Can be done mid way combo.
U2- 6 gates teleport kick. If they block, you're screwed. Use it against slow start up or long U1's (Dei, Shino, Sasori, Karin, Asuma, Shikamaru, etc.) Do NOT use it to simply penetrate.
Tilt- Quick dash 4 hit combo causes SB, easy to KNJ. Just cancel with grab after 1st hit.
Grab- Leans forward slow uppercut, drills you to the ground making you lose chakra, no SB.
Shurikens- Normal, 3 hits. C.kunai, 8 hits. Average...


IV. items:

^ item- Attack up?
< item- Speed down tag, you can link it to a U1.
> item- 2 explosive kunai. Throw them after a grab while they're on the ground, and you won't miss.
v item- 3 guard breaks. Spam shurikens, U1, tilt. Use 1 before awakening.


V. Awakening:

-Level 3, above average awakening.
-Moves around insanely fast!
-Breaks guard with ease.
-C. dash teleports you behind your opponent (insert neutral combo!) If they stay airborne or NM, U1 or air dash and combo.
- Hit stun and damage increased, harder to KNJ.
- Really strong!
- If they block the 1st punch, their guard will stay stunned through the combo until their guard breaks.
- Great against long range chars (Dei, 10, Temari) watch out for air kcombos, because that's all they got XD
-Great against puppets and slow turtles(Yamato, Gaara...)
-Bad against force field supports so be careful!
-Gives more damage than Lee's.
- It lasts around 13 counts (26 seconds).


VI. Support:

As a supporter, he is not good. But if you want to use him, choose him as an attack support, he combos next to you and does the SB. He has a team with any char of team 8 and Kakashi. Try dashing towards someone guarding and release Guy to hit them while they bounce back (causing SB).

If you are using guy, you might need a force field support because his jutsus lag greatly during cool down, I recommend Neji. And you will need a projectile support, I recommend Kakuzu, Sasuke, Itachi or Dei. With these combinations you'll cover all fighting ranges! *Like*


VII. Counter-picking:

-He counters long range characters because his U1 can go through kcombos(Dei, Temari, 10-10) plus hit them. Also you can simply c.dash and combo or tilt grab. If they spam air kcombos, just ninja move to the left, you'll dodge their projectiles while hitting them with yours. U1> c.dash.

-He has a hard time vs. Pain, Hinata and Neji because they have good combos plus their U1 has priority over every of Guy's attacks, actually the only 3 attacks that penetrate force field jutsus are Kakashi's, Yamato's and Kirin's U2. (Lazy jutsus) Wait for them to attack 1st, then counter attack. If you time it well, you can land a U2 during their U1's cool down.

-Kakashi also counters him because his U1 comes out fast and can tech chase him to another and another. His grab is really fast and leaves you in the ground (insert U1 tech chase) plus he has a projectile jutsu. Kakashi can land U1/U2 if after blocking Guy's U1/U2. Guy's advantage here is his Awakening, and that Kakashi depends on his chakra moves so when he is low on chakra, go and pull a long combo, U1 or a combo canceled U1.

-Guy does terrible vs. turtling puppets, use a force field support (Neji) and a combo support(Hidan). His awakening does good vs. Puppets. Tobi's a good boy... supporter.

- Itachi rapes Guy :( the only thing that guy has better than Itachi are his combos, and thanks to KNJ they're not very useful. Itachi can counter guys U1/U2 with his U2. If he blocks Guy's U1/U2 < Susano U2. Fireball > Dynamic Entry. Use pain and Kakuzu as supports and don't use your jutsus to penetrate if Itachi is not lagging from an attack.

-He also does good vs close ranged (Lars, Karin, Asuma, Jugo, Lee, Choji, etc.) because he can combo so well and do the tilt to grab. Don't c. dash they are good punishing that.

-Shino is annoying as hell, keep him pressured so he doesn't NM bug spam. Use Hidan and Neji as support, he has laggy startup for his jutsus, so use the U2 as soon as you see the jutsu subtitles.

-The smaller the stage is, the better. Try to pick a round stage so you don't get cornered. Hidden leaf forest and the final valley are good options.


VIII. Conclusion:

I hope she returns my calls someday... Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy 4880

Guy has great potential, he does better in singles IMO but still he is better than the average character. This guide is pretty general so if you got some extra info or any corrections let me know. Thanks to every dude that made guides, I used them as guide to make a guide... of Guy.

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PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:53 am

Updated with pic, supports and match-up info!

Oh right, no one cares Crying
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PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:07 pm

Thanks a bunch for the guide, I really like this character (though I kind of miss the super silly ouigi from UNS1.) I'll give these tips a test drive as soon as I can since I plan to use Guy for doing most of the free-roaming stuff after story mode.
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PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:27 am

I'd just like to throw something out about Gai that I personally use when I'm fighting seriously with him. I know this'll sound crazy, but I generally like using him against long range opponents. The reason is simply because my style of playing relies largely on reading my opponent and predicting their movements (I'm a psychology major in college, so it just comes naturally). Against long range opponents, it's always nice to give them a false sense of security by having Gai as my main, then maybe Pain and Itachi as supports, where Itachi is my only long range attacker. What I'll do is I'll run in, and once they create some distance to take advantage of it, I'll play along with it. So I'll kind of amateurishly run around, "trying" to close the gap, but never quite being able to do it because they keep me at bay with their long range U1's (this works especially well on guys like Itachi, Suigetsu, Kisame, Deidara, etc.).

After a few seconds of "trying" to close the gap, I'll watch for when they attempt their U1 again, and right when they activate it, I do my U2. If you get the timing right, you'll allow them to shoot whatever they were shooting, but not get back into a position where they can block and you'll teleport in front of them, but miss their U1, and connect with your U2. After that, you just wreck shop on them by not letting them have any breathing room.

You have to be good at dodging though. If you can't avoid all the ranged attacks in the "running around" stage, it's not worth it. You need to not take too much damage that you're still losing after you hit your U2, but take enough so that they think they're actually getting the upper hand on you.
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PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:51 pm

lol that's quite a paragraph but I did posted to use the U2 only against a long/laggy U1, that includes the long ranged characters. What I mainly do is wait for the subtitles to show on the screen (detonating twin birds for example) and U2. Guy counters longranged characters with ease.

Thanks guys for reading and posting ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:26 am

Yup I love how every uses my video idea
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PostSubject: Re: Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy   Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy Clock14

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Ziiko's How 2 Play guides: Guy
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