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 Important News! Everyone Should Read! Regarding The New Site!

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Important News! Everyone Should Read! Regarding The New Site! Empty
PostSubject: Important News! Everyone Should Read! Regarding The New Site!   Important News! Everyone Should Read! Regarding The New Site! Clock14Fri May 20, 2011 4:06 am

I have some good news to tell everyone regarding the move. Next week ,between Monday and Tuesday, I will be purchasing hosting for our new domain ''

The hosting that we currently have at that site is free and limited. It was only meant to be another temporary site until I payed for hosting with Now I will be able to purchase the best hosting next week.

Let me start by explaining a few things; The site that is currently up is, its a ucoz site. I just attached the domain name to it, which I currently own.'s original address is, its a forumotion site. But I don't own the domain, it belongs to forumotion.

Forumotion refuses to transfer my domain name to a new registrar. So I wont be able to repurchase this domain until the year is up. So it will expire sometime in December of 2011.

When I pay for hosting next week, it will be a whole new site (3rd site) separate from the ucoz site, but I will attach the domain name to it. So when the new site is finished it will be, but instead of the ucoz site coming up, it will be a different site.

Now, I will continue to move everything over to the ucoz site. In the event that something goes wrong, we will always have the free ucoz site to fall back on. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get the 3rd site up and ready, so we will be at the ucoz site until then.

I will have a working chat up this weekend, and will email everyone to remind them about the move with links to the site and chat.


Why are we moving so much and why do we need to move in the first place?

When a website/forum is made through a free service (i.e. forumotion, free forums, ucoz, etc.), the creator has limited control of that website.

With these limitations I don't have access to the site's databases and I can't use php or mysql. These things will allow for us to have cool features such as a built-in ladder system for the site instead of some off-site ladder system owned by someone else. We can have customizable profiles and a better chat. The possibilities are endless.

So this is why we need to move. So we can have awesome-sauce features to keep the community alive and occupied.

Why are we moving so much? Shouldn't we just have to move once? Well yeah we should only have to move once, but everything doesn't always go according to plan. The forumotion site was supposed to be a temporary three month site. I had no way of foreseeing forumotion's refusal to transfer our domain. Most of the domain problems we have are due to my lack of research and planning. And for that, I apologize.

Since forumotion is just using our site for ad space, I decided to leave this site and then shut it down. I don't want to stay here and put money in forumotion's pocket while we get nothing.
But I made all these decisions before I was able to purchase hosting. I didn't know when I would have enough money for hosting. Now that I have enough, everything should be smooth sailing from here on out.

So this will be the final outcome after the move is completed: ( Closed Site. Wait till Dec to repurchase domain. ( Backup Site. Contains old guides and important topics. Pretty much a storage site. (3rd site with godaddy hosting): Permanent Site. We will actually be using this site.



Finish moving important topics to ucoz site: Now - Saturday 5/21
Shut down forumotion site: Saturday 5/21
Purchase hosting from godaddy: Monday 5/23
Prepare 3rd site: Monday 5/23 - Wednesday 5/25
Move to 3rd site: Wednesday 5/25 - Thursday 5/26

Red: Estimated Dates - I don't know how long it will take for me to get the new site ready. If I can do it quick we may move sooner, if not it may be later than the 25th. But the site should be prepared sometime next week.

Important News! Everyone Should Read! Regarding The New Site! Sakurasig
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Important News! Everyone Should Read! Regarding The New Site!
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