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PostSubject: Glitches   Glitches Clock14Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:56 pm

Found a glitch? Share it here!

1. Remember when Gaara fought Lee on the exams? And Lee stands after almost being killed?
Well Guy does the same thing if you KO him in awakening mode 8 gates Guy vs the C2 dragon (Deidara's A-mode) stomp on him twice and he'll stand after being KO'd lol.

2. Pain's chameleon combo can knock you out of some stage borders. (training field, forest of dead trees and others)

3. Deidara's air combo mixed with Kabuto's jutsu support will drop a spider after the opponent.

4. Sometimes Deidara's spiders will fly after you, if you try to jump to avoid them. (I've done this 3 times lol)

5. Deidara's grab, Pain's C.kunai and Kisame's water sharks can go through Itachi's throne.

What glitches have you seen?
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