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 Jutsu types and priorities.

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Jutsu types and priorities. Empty
PostSubject: Jutsu types and priorities.   Jutsu types and priorities. Clock14Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:32 am

Here's a list of the different kinds of jutsus and which one counters the other.

Jutsu types:

1. Rush jutsu = Rasengan, chidori, raikiri, dynamic entry,Gatsuga, etc.
2. Projectile jutsu = Fireballs (katon!), Twin Birds, Iron sand, water shark/dragons, etc.
3. Force field jutsu = Pain, Hinata and Neji's U1.
4. Combo jutsu = Chiyo, Hidan, Orochimaru and Lee's U1.
5. Lazy jutsu = Kakashi, Yamato and Kirin Sasuke's U2.
6. Wall jutsu= Karin, Shikamaru and Asuma's U1.
7. Teleport Jutsu= Tobi's U1, Madara's grab, Guy's U2, Kabuto's tilt.
8. Ground jutsu= Amaterasu,Tobi's U2, Gaara's U1/U2, Shikamaru's U2, Shino's U2.
9. Black hole justu= Itachi/Konan/Kisame/Tsunade/Chiyo/suigetsu/Choji/Kankurou/Hidan's U2.
10. Air strike jutsu= Sakura/Tsunade's U1, Kankurou's U1, Tenten's U1.

Jutsu Priority: ( more priority > less priority/ less priority < more priority)

1. Rush U1< U2. Rush> lazy, air strike.
2. Projectile U1/U2 > Rush U1/2, combo, black hole.
3. Force field> Rush 1/2, Projectile, air strike, Black hole, Combo, ground, Wall, Teleport.
4. Combo> Lazy, U3.
5. Lazy> Force field, Wall, ground, Black hole.
6. Wall>Projectile, combo, Rush, Black hole.
7. Teleport > Wall, ground, air strike, projectile.
8. Ground> Projectile (only vs Gaara's sand), combo, wall, rush, U3.
9. Black hole> Rush, teleport (except for madara's grab)
10. Air strike> Ground, Wall, lazy.

The ones that aren't listed have the same priority (rush=combo) meaning that they will cancel each other out and they will bounce back.

I came up with the names. If any1 has better suggestions please contribute. Not all of these jutsu encounters have been tested. So if you find some info in the list that's incorrect, please let me know and I'll edit ASAP.
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Jutsu types and priorities.
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