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 glenndevis' guide to Kisame

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What did you think of my guide?
Awesome! Alot of information and everything is organized.
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 71% [ 5 ]
Good. Alot of information but lacks organization.
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Good. Organization is good but it lacks some information.
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Fine. It''s a good guide but needs some of work.
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 14% [ 1 ]
Meh. Needs ALOT of work to make it a decent guide.
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It sucks. Get rid of it NOW!
glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Vote_lcap14%glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Vote_rcap
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Good guide but it''s too long.
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PostSubject: glenndevis' guide to Kisame   glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Clock14Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:35 pm

First topic message reminder :

Glenndevis’ guide to Kisame

glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Kisamehk

Table of contents

1. Intro
2. Pros & Cons
3. Move Explanation
4. Ninja Tools
5. Awakening
6. Teams
7. Supports
8. Strategies
9. Special Combo’s
10. Conclusion


1. Intro

Hello everyone. I main Kisame and he’s one of my favourite Akatsuki members. I’m making this guide to share my knowledge about Kisame.
Kisame isn’t the best character in the game but I have to disagree on people who say that he’s the worst. He has many teams and support options, good combo’s and a lot of options to cancel into his jutsu and ougi.
If there are some words or terms you don’t understand, this is a list with the terminology of the game: http://www.arashiboards.com/t30-general-terminology

2. Pros & Cons

1) His attacks are strong.
2) He has a lot of cancel options in his combo’s.
3) He’s an Akatsuki so he has a lot of good supports to choose from.
4) His ultimate is good to punish chakra dashes and hits in the back if people knj.
5) Nice air combo & short hop attack (X O)

1) Jutsu is slow and doesn’t track very well.
2) Bad awakening.
3) Relies on combo’s and supports.
4) Basic chakra shuriken.
5) Doesn’t have a lot of tools to deal with spammers, turtles,…

3. Move explanation

Before I start with all moves and combo’s: NEVER use his combo’s when your opponent is prepared for it (like chakra dash -> combo.) Only use them after you knj their combo/punishable jutsu or U2, only use them if they are stuck in their animation. His combo’s get much harder to knj like that.

- Basic Combo: Shave Down (19% Damage)
This is his basic combo. It’s his shortest combo but it leaves Kisame wide open if they knj the last hit.
I don’t recommend using this combo because it doesn’t have any cancels and there are other combo’s that have more options.

- ^Combo: Water Shark Bomb: Chase (20% Damage)
This combo sends the opponent in the air and chases him down with a Water Shark Bomb.
It’s one of Kisame’s worst combo’s because the opponent can tech out if they get knocked in the air.
The combo can be cancelled into a jutsu and it causes SB.

- <, > Combo: Water Clone Jutsu (19% Damage)
Kisame starts with the normal combo, then he creates a water clone to slash the opponent back to you, Kisame finishes the combo by knocking the opponent back.
This is my favourite combo. The water clone cutscene makes all supports disappear and it causes SB.
It also has a lot of uses and cancels. This combo causes SB, can be cancelled into a jutsu and U2.
It’s hard to knj compared to his other combo’s.

- \/ Combo: Giant Tsunami (20% Damage)
Kisame does a normal combo with Samehada and finishes with a tsunami.
It’s less useful than the Water Clone Jutsu combo and the tsunami gets knj’d easily.
This combo can be cancelled into a jutsu and U2 and causes SB.
Another thing I like about this one is that if you get SB you can follow it up with a U2.

- Air combo: Slash in Two (10% Damage)
Kisame does a 4 hit combo and smacks the opponent on the ground.
This combo is Kisame’s safest combo and u will use this alot. His short hop attack (X O) is fast and has a long range because of his sword.
When you finish the combo you will notice that Kisame has a lot of recovery time after it. You can cancel that recovery by doing any chakra action: chakra dash, chakra back dash, jutsu, U2, U3, chakra shuriken. I recommend using the jutsu if the whole combo hits. If they knj the combo you should use a fast chakra shuriken to stop them or if you have your U3 up you can use it to catch your opponent off guard.

- Tilt: Water Pillar (11% Damage)
This is Kisame’s tilt. He creates a tsunami and then knocks the opponent in the air.
It’s only 2 hits and not very easy to knj. You can cancel the tilt into a jutsu (14% damage.) Or u can use an Itachi support when the opponent is falling down for a good looking, SB combo (note that the opponent can tech out of it.)
Don’t use it on a moving opponent at close range because it misses sometimes.

- Grab: By Main Force (10% Damage)
Kisame slashes the opponent up then shaves him with Samehada and ends with smacking the opponent on the ground WITH HIS FIST!!!
It’s speed is average/slow and has a bit of range because of his sword. Nothing special, can punish if u knj.

- U1: Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu (10% Damage)
Kisame creates a water shark and sends it towards the opponent.
It’s slow… It has some tracking but it shouldn’t be hard to dodge. Can be used in a lot of combo’s and can be cancelled into a U2.
You can also use it if the opponent gets knocked back. If they tech there is a small moment they can't block. If you time it right it hits them for added damage. If you do it too late nearly everyone tries to block it so u get some chip damage.

- Enhanced U1: Water Style: Water Shark Shotgun Jutsu (15% Damage)
This is Kisame’s enhanced jutsu. I don’t recommend using it a lot. It tracks less than his normal jutsu, it’s slow and the damage depends on how many sharks hit. (max damage is 15%) His charged jutsu also shaves the opponent’s guard away.
This should only be used in his awakening because it guardbreaks instantly.

- U2: Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave (31% Damage)
Kisame surrounds himself with water, he rides a huge wave of water and hits the opponent with Samehada.
It can be used to punish chakra dashes, rushing jutsus (if you do it too late the opponent will bump off you and the ultimate will miss.) It hits in the back too. It protects you from people who knj it and try to punish you.

- Shuriken
Kisame has the basic shuriken. The chakra shuriken track well, they are slow and have normal shuriken damage.

4. Ninja Tools

^ Item: Kisame’s unique item is an attack boost item. Useful if used with his defense down tag.

< Item: Defense down tag. Useful if used with his ^ item for maximum damage.
I keep those to: tag -> team ultimate.

\/ Item: Guard break: It makes Kisame’s combo’s hit heavier so they break guards easier. I can’t
find any use for them. Use 1 before you awaken for easier guardbreak.

> item: Kunai trap: They explode after a few seconds, when you step on them. They aren’t very
useful. Only use them when you have to charge chakra so the opponent will go on the

5. Awakening

Kisame’s awakening is quite long but doesn’t give u much of an advantage.
He gets the generic awakening boosts: invurnerable by grabs, ultimates, easier guardbreak, attack boost.
He also gets the ability to drain chakra from the opponent. Unlike the Hyuuga’s he actually adds that chakra to himself.
Not every move drains chakra though, only the ones where he uses his sword (tilt doesn’t drain chakra, the water attacks in his ^ combo don’t drain chakra,…)
I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t use his enhanced jutsu a lot unless in awakening. In awakening it breaks your opponents guard instantly and it does some damage.

Even with all these boosts he gets I still don’t recommend using his awakening because it usually hurts me more than it hurts the opponent.
IF you decide to use it anyway don’t dash and combo/throw recklessly.
Use his charged jutsu when the opponent is far away. (If they block their guard breaks and they take damage.)
Only use his throw and combo’s as punishment. (They get knj’d easily if you chakra dash -> throw/combo.)
Also don’t forget to use his \/ item before you awaken for easier guardbreak.

6. Teams

Kisame has a lot of good teams in the game I’ll list all of them in this section.

-Odd Beast and Scourge: Kisame & Guy
Team ultimate damage: • • • • - -
Support recharge rate: • - - - - -
Support gauge charge rate: • - - - - -

-Seven Blades of the Mist: Kisame & Suigetsu
Team ultimate damage: • • • • • •
Support recharge rate: - - - - - -
Support gauge charge rate: - - - - - -

-Dangerous Characters: Kisame & Itachi
Team ultimate damage: • • • • - -
Support recharge rate: • - - - - -
Support gauge charge rate: • - - - - -

-Akatsuki: Kisame & 2 random Akatsuki members
Team ultimate damage: • • ? ? ? ?
Support recharge rate: ? ? ? ? ? ?
Support gauge charge rate: ? ? ? ? ? ?

Note: Kisame keeps his 2 dots of team ultimate damage no matter which Akatsuki members you pick. The rest changes with each Akatsuki member.

7. Supports

- Support types:

Attack: Attack supports cause SB and Kisame gets a lot of advantages from SB.
After a SB you can do: U1, U2, U3 and his awesome air combo.

Defense:Defense supports guard you when you charge chakra and block chakra
dashes. While this can be useful against chakra dash into supports or ultimate
I wouldn’t recommend using a defensive support.

Balance:Balance supports throw chakra shuriken with you and protect you from U2’s. Always
useful in my opinion.

- Recommended supports:
When you are picking supports for Kisame you shouldn’t look further than the teams he already has.
I’m going to list some useful supports and their uses.

Pain (balance) & Itachi/Kakuzu (attack):
Pain protects you from all kinds of jutsu’s, chakra dashes,
SB -> U2/U3 and Itachi/Kakuzu are good offensive supports and you can chakra dash -> support.

Itachi/Kakuzu (attack) & Deidara/Tobi/Sasori (balance):
An all out offensive team. Itachi and Kakuzu
Again for their awesome support attacks. Deidara/Tobi/Sasori also have good support attacks but their chakra shuriken are slightly better than Itachi’s and Kakuzu’s.

- Itachi (Attack):
Yes Kisame & Itachi. This is my personal favourite team. Itachi has a kickass support
attack. It’s useful for offensive and defensive (He can protect you from SB -> ultimates.) He can be
used to chakra dash into, as a surprise attack to catch your opponent off guard. You can air dash
(XX) into Itachi. They also have awesome U3 damage.
You can also use Guy only for same stats or Suigetsu only for a stronger U3 but Itachi as support is
far better than those 2)

8. Strategies

Everyone hates spammers and turtlers and Kisame doesn’t have any good tools to beat them.
Here I’ll list some strategies.

Everything depends on which jutsu they spam. If they spam rush jutsu’s I usually jump block. If I still get hit in the air (while blocking) I try to counter with an air combo or Itachi support. you can also U2 them when you see them coming.

Slower melee jutsus on block can be countered with a grab or (air) combo.

Fireball spam is the hardest to beat in my opinion. If you see them coming u can use your jutsu to block it and Itachi to hit them before they can recover.

NEVER RUSH THEM. If they catch you with an U2 or U3 the fight is as good as over.
Use chakra dash -> support if you are close. If you are too far they can see it coming and they will U2/U3 you.

To approach them just walk up to them and dodge the supports or shurikens if they use them. If you are close enough u can do a short hop attack to get them. If they start ninja moving away you can use U3.

If they can’t catch you with their supports/shuriken/ultimate they might get annoyed and try to attack you. Which gives u a chance to punish and to do big damage.

-Know your opponent:
The most important “strategy” (especially with underpowered characters) is to know how your opponent fights.
If he tries to combo you, don’t be afraid to combo back. If they turtle, don’t rush. If they spam, be cautious and punish when u see a chance to.
If they knj -> ultimate only use safe moves like short hop attacks, shuriken, chakra dash -> supports. (I know it sounds cheap but it’s the only way to beat other cheap asses like that.

If you know how your opponent fights you can predict what they will do next and you will be able to counter it easier.

This isn't a real strategy but it won me alot of matches. This works best with teams with big team ultimate damage.
Actually this is just about using your team ultimate... but instead of just using ur team ultimate u start with using Kisame's ^ item (attack boost.) When you see an opening you throw your < item (defense down tag) and cancel it into a team ultimate.
The defense down tag will stun the opponent for a second (unless they blocked it) giving you a chance to use a team ultimate.
Alot of people don't see the tag coming.

This isn't that complicated and i'm sure alot of people know about this but this works very well with Kisame because he has alot of teams with high team ultimate damage + defense down and attack up items.

Note: A lot of these strategies work with a lot of characters, not only Kisame.

9. Special Combo’s

Here I’ll list some custom combo’s with Kisame. Keep in mind that a lot of these might be useless in battles against turtles and knj -> U2/U3ers.
Some people won’t let them get caught that easily.
Only use them when your opponent doesn’t have a lot of chakra and if you know your opponent combo’s too and doesn’t knj -> U1/U2/U3.

Since i've got the game on the PS3 I'm going to list the combo's with the PS3 commands.
Here is a button translation for those who play on the Xbox360.

X : A
O : B
[] : X
/\: Y
(Thx Skye for the translation.)

-Jutsu cancel combo's:
Jutsu cancel combo's aren't that useful because you don't get alot of advantages from them + he can only cancel them at the end of each string.

O O ^ O O U1 : This combo isn't very useful since you don't get any advantages from it. It does a bit more damage but the chakra isn't really worth it. You shouldn't really use Kisame's ^ combo in the first palce.

O O \/ O O U1 : Not that useful either. You don't get much advantage from it besides a little bit more da mage.

O O < / > O O U1/enhanced U1 : IF you want to use one of these jutsu cancels this is the best one in my opinion. You don't get alot more advantages than the first 2 combo's but Kisame's combo should be your most used one. And you can cancel it into a charged jutsu for more damage (sometimes some sharks will miss.)

Air combo: O O O U1 : Kisame has alot of lag when he finishes the combo but you can make good use for it. You can cancel the lag by any chakra action. If the opponent gets hit by the full combo you can use his U1 to hit your opponent while he's on the ground.
If the opponent Knj's the combo i recommend cancelling into a chakra shuriken and if possible a U3.
U2 isn't very useful here. Alot of people will just grab you before Kisame starts to spit water.
This is the best jutsu cancel combo in my opinion.

Tilt + O U1 : This gives you a bit more damage and causes SB. Use this if you have full chakra and have U3.

-U2 cancel combo's:
These are alot harder to do but they do alot of damage.
Alot of people should know by now that some characters can cancel a U1 into a U2. Kisame is one of those characters.

How to cancel your U1 into a U2: To do this you have to cancel your U1 with a U2 before Kisame launches the shark. You will need to do this very fast.
Example: Triangle + O (very fast input) triangle, triangle + O

O O < / > O O U2 cancel : This combo looks awesome in my opinion. The water clone hits your opponent in your direction and you use your U2 in his face. Use this combo whenever you get the chance to combo him with full chakra.

O O \/ O O U2 cancel : Like the first U2 cancel combo. Use it whenever you get the chance to combo him with full chakra. (I prefer the first one because it looks cooler. ^-^)

Note: You need FULL CHAKRA to do this. Knj -> U2 cancel combo does not work. This is the reason why these combo's are so hard to pull off.

-Strikeback combo's:
These combo's aren't very special. You just get a strikeback from a combo/jutsu and you can follow it up with a U1/U2/U3. However, you can't use everything after every combo.

O O ^ O O O SB U3 : After a SB from his ^ combo the only thing you can do is a U3. Any other move is too slow.

O O < / > O O O SB U3 : U3 is the only move possible after this combo.

O O \/ O O O SB U2/U3 : After this combo you can use your U2 or U3. For his U2 you don't need to move, you just have to activate your U2 as soon as possible.

Jutsu SB U3 : Any strikeback you get can be followed up by a U2 only. You need full chakra for this.
It also works with jutsu cancelled combo's.

-Other combo's:
These are other combo's that don't require alot of cancelling or SB's:

Tilt + Support : This works best if you have a fireball support like Itachi. You just do Kisame's full tilt and when the 2nd hit lands you use a support. This causes SB and the last hit of the tilt can be teched.

Tilt + O XX O O O : You do the first hit of his tilt and cancel the lag with an air dash. Then u do an air combo.
In my opinion cancelling his tilt into a U1 is better but use this if u want to save chakra.

O O < / > O O < item U3 : You do the normal combo until the wate clone hits the opponent back at you. Then you use the defense down tag (yes the opponent is stunned that long.) and cancel it into a U3.

air dash -> item canceled chakra dash -> U2 : This is probably one of his more effective combo's. It isn't that risky and doesn't require u to have full chakra or anything. This can be done from the first hit of his combo or tilt.
(Thx sniperworm for this combo.)

Please remember that these are still combo's... Alot of people will knj them or won't let themselves get caught that easily. Keep in mind that Kisame's combo's are alot harder to knj if used after a knj or if your opponent is stuck in his own animation.

10. Conclusion

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something about Kisame.
This is my first guide ever so if you see any spelling mistakes (English isn't my main language) or other mistakes that need to be fixed please tell me.
I hope I didn’t overdo it and made it too long. :D


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PostSubject: Re: glenndevis' guide to Kisame   glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Clock14Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:22 am

thx dis guides has really turned me pro wit kisame i thought he sucked till i listened to dis beat heros all da time now Kisame Decapitated
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PostSubject: Re: glenndevis' guide to Kisame   glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Clock14Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:40 pm

Glad i could help ya.
Even with this guide Kisame isn't a very good character against runners/turtlers and knj -> U1/U2/U3 ers.
He's abeast in close combat tho.
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PostSubject: Re: glenndevis' guide to Kisame   glenndevis' guide to Kisame - Page 2 Clock14

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glenndevis' guide to Kisame
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